INCI: Levocetrizine + Montelukast


Levojaks M is an anti-allergy formulation that contains Levocetrizine 5 mg & Montelukast 10 mg in Tablet form. Elevate Your Skin’s Resilience with Levojaks M that are resistant to Levocetrizine only. The ultimate solution for allergic skin reactions.

Approved Fixed dose combination for Urticaria and allergic reactions.

More effective in Fixed dose combination then the monotherapy of each ingredients. Has excellent safety profile without any potential side effects.

Introducing a Dynamic Duo: Levocetirizine + Montelukast

Welcome to the next level of comprehensive care – Levojaks M. We’ve combined the formidable forces of Levocetirizine and Montelukast to create a dynamic formula that not only addresses allergic skin reactions but also provides holistic respiratory support.

Key Ingredients:

Levocetirizine is an H1-receptor antagonist used to treat symptoms associated with chronic allergic rhinitis and uncomplicated cases of chronic idiopathic urticaria.

It is a non-sedating, long acting H1 receptor antagonist antihistamine for second generation with good efficacy and tolerability profile.

Montelukast is a Leukotriene receptor antagonist that shows a marked selectivity and affinity to the cysteinyl leukotriene receptor type 1. Leukotrienes are potent proinflammatory mediators, and these effects can be blocked by Leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRA).

 It was first approved for clinical use by the US FDA in 1998.

In the face of discomfort, our skin tells a story. Unveil a World of Comfort and Confidence for Your Skin!” Get dual defense with Levojaks M, goes beyond standard antihistamine therapy. By synergizing Levocetirizine and Montelukast for skin, it tackles allergies from every angle.


1 x 10 TABLETS

Levocetrizine + Montelukast


Urticaria, Pruritus, Acute allergic reaction due to drug – food or insect bites & Acute Rhinitis.

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